Strange Oval Drive FlangeIt’s been a while since I last posted, but I haven’t really had anything to say.

Well, recently we ran into a product that I really need to talk about. Actually,

I will tell you the entire story behind this article.
I contacted Strange Oval because I was so impressed with their products I

wondered if they had an affiliate program and if I could promote their

They told me they did not have a program. After a couple of emails back

and forth they said they didn’t have anyone to write articles for them and

the offered to pay me to write for them.
I said cool!
I loved their product and have some experience with their axles to give you

my honest take on how they work and what I like about them.
First of all the quality is impeccable. I’ve had some experience with Strange

Engineering’s 9” Ford rear end cases. Those things are bullet proof.

After blowing apart other cases we used in our modifieds we switched to

Strange cases and never had a problem.
When I found out Strange Oval was a subsidiary, I knew I would never

have to worry about the quality.
When we received the first set of axles I was not disappointed. They

come fully polished and every edge is smoothed to reduce all stress risers.

We’ve used a bunch of different axles through the years trying to find

something that would hold up. None had the quality even close to the

Strange Axles.
So, what is the second part of what makes these axles so good?

I need to back up a little to fully understand what I mean.
I believe there are essentially two mindsets which go into building race

car parts. The first is the idea to build a part strong enough to finish the

race; the quality aspect.
Strange has this down.
The second is designing a part to actually make the car faster. Something

which adds traction or makes the car handle better.

Few products do both even though they may claim to…….Strange nailed it.
First, let’s start off by agreeing that your left axle and your right axle are two

different lengths (I’ve only seen one rear end in my life that ran the same

axles on both sides). And, let’s agree that if both axles are the same diameter that the longer one will wrap more than the shorter one; more material between both ends is more flexible.
Wait, let’s back up. We do agree that axles will wrap don’t we?
Even though these are some heavy pieces of steel sitting in our hands,

they wrap like a candy cane when put under a torque load.

Like when you need to come off the corner and you smash that loud pedal.
Now if you step on the gas and one axle wraps at a different rate than the other, it will make the car either steer tight or steer loose depending which axle “puts the power to the ground” first. As a result, the steering direction will always be to the opposite side of the shorter axle which is to the right. Steering to the right isn’t ideal on ovals, especially on corner exit or on restarts.
But, if we alter the diameter of one of the axles we can tune the steer to

make our car come straight off the corner. Essentially making the axle wrap at the same rate even though one axle is longer than the other.
That is exactly what Strange Oval does to its axles. They will perfectly tune

your axles to wrap evenly by altering the diameter of one of your axles.
Right now I know of no other company doing this. If you give them a call and tell them the type of rear end and the tube lengths, they will determine the exact axle diameter combination to put under your car.
There is another aspect to tuning your race car with axles, but that will have

to wait till next time. It’s actually really cool what you can do.
If you want to find out ahead of time follow the link below to go to their


Or – you can just give them a call at 1-800-653-1099 and tell them

that Kevin from Hogan Technologies sent you.
We’ll talk again soon.