scoopPeople may not think a lot about their hood scoop when it comes to aerodynamics but it really can be a plus in an area that might blow right by you. If you look at the attached pictures of the famous Batmobile most think that it is THE car that set the Dirt Modified Aero world on its ear. What a lot of people don’t realize is that one of the biggest tricks that Kenny Weld had up his sleeve few ever noticed. Because placed behind that big chrome grill was a ram air induction set up that dumped a ton of cold air right where it belongs, into your engine.

Now a lot of asphalt guys take advantage of their low pressure area at the bottom of the windshield to suck cold air into a cold air box that surrounds the air cleaner. Now most of the dirt cars only run what might be considered a shield to protect the air cleaner for rock and debris. But if you look at the top picture you will see a small aero scoop that funnels the cold air off the nose and right back into the air cleaner. The front portion acts as a shield to keep most, but not all of the dirt and junk out of the air cleaner. While the back portion scoops the cold air into the back side of the filter. If you use an “Outerwear” type prefilter very little dirt will actually find its way back into your engine.

The other advantage if you were to choose to use it, would be to mount any oil cooler right at the deck level at the base of the back side of the scoop. Using it to ram the air into your cooler instead of using a big, bulky scoop that will add to the drag of your car. Remember if you are going to build one of these yourself, keep the lines round and smooth and try and get the front as far forward on the hood as possible to get the cold air before it is run through the radiator. I am also working on a true ram air system that in the near future I will have pictures of and may be looking for one or two people to test it for me during the 2011 season.

Also coming in the next few weeks are some more pictures of true aero genius from days gone by.

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