Kevin LincolnKevin Lincoln comes on board

I’d like to welcome Kevin Lincoln to He will be contributing to our community by sharing his knowledge about aerodynamics. The resident expert on how to best use the air. But, he can tell his story for you guys himself. I’ll re-post this in his own bio area.



Kevin Lincoln “The Wizard”

Before I get started on letting you know a little bit about me, I’d like to first say thank you to Kevin for allowing me to help other racers improve their performance, and in turn have more fun racing.

My name is Kevin Lincoln and I have been playing at this game personally since 1977. I grew up around racing as my dad use to run midgets and Tri-Sac Modifieds around the Midwest. And it wasn’t long before racing took over everything I wanted to do. So in the summer of 1977 I began racing late models on dirt at some of the best dirt tracks in Michigan. When I finally got to where I could compete with many of the great Midwest dirt boys the NDRA came along and I found true love. Those huge Hoosier Humpers, those large Lexan spoilers; that was the beginning of the wedge cars. It was a great time to be a dirt late model driver. That is also when I started to play with aero things around my car. Double roofs, side skirts that moved as you slid thru the corners, tunneled interiors and inner panels under the deck. I learned a lot and noticed that people that had thought we were crazy before were now looking at what we were doing.

I’ll jump ahead a few years and that is when I met Rick Ferkel, “The Ohio Traveler”, the original outlaw, and started to try and explain how I could help his sprint car become a lot smoother and cut thru the air better than the others. We worked on a plastic sprint car wing that did work. It was very light, but was going to be very costly to mass produce. So I went into other areas for him, and by the early 80’s he was at Syracuse New York with my latest design and was closing in on the world record. I had spent a long time looking at Kenny Welds creations and we had the first sprint car version of the Batmobile. Within the next two years the World of Outlaws went aero nuts when they went to Syracuse and some had really great looking cars.

Next stop Phoenix Arizona and a guy by the name of Rick Stewart who owned Stewart Racing Products. Sadly he passed away last November, I then had a sounding board and mentor that would help me perfect my aero ways and always pull in the reins when I got too far out there. We developed a set of 180 degree headers for a sprint car and they were the talk of the west coast for a while. I did a majority of the body design work for Rick and his midgets are some of the best in the west.
I returned home to go back to my real job, (Automotive Paint R&D) where I do a lot of one off prototype stuff for SEMA shows and the like, and went back to racing UMP modifieds. I build bodies and interiors for late models and modifieds in Michigan. None of my designs are cookie cutter. I have no catalog, but lots of pictures and love a blank canvas. I also love the fact that none of them look alike. I also love the gray area of the rule book and spend many hours reading and rereading so that I can always come up with something new and fun. So, I hope I can help out those who have questions; keep in mind that aero is part facts/ figures, and part trial and error. And that is the part I will try and get you past.

In closing you will see me signing things “The Wizard” I’ll fill you in on that. Back when I was working with the Rick’s Stewart/ Ferkel one of them one night at the track looked at me and said “Boy you are like the wizard of air” and from that came “The Wizard” again I hope I can help you, hope I can answer any of your questions, and although I may not know all the answers I’ve been around long enough and know many people in the industry personally from the likes of Stewart, Newman, and Schrader. From the Ferkels and Hewitts; all the way down to many great local guys that if they didn’t have to have jobs, should be great drivers in any series.

Again, many thanks to you Kevin.

Kevin Lincoln

Aka “The Wizard”