Joes Line Wrench Set

A line wrench set is a must have for any tool box.

Tightening aluminum fittings with steel wrenches often leads to over tightening. Over tightening can lead to stretched and damaged fittings which can cause dirt to get past.

We all know dirt in our oil and fuel lines is not a good thing.

This is especially true in the larger sizes because as a rule of thumb, the larger the wrench size, the longer the wrench is to provide more leverage.

The nice thing is with these wrenches as opposed to other wrench sets on the market is that one side is angled. This is a god send when tightening fittings in hard to reach areas. One of the two sides of these wrenches seem to always be enough to get any lines tight.

I use these exact manufacturers wrenches every time I need to doe a motor swap or even just changing oil.

(As a side note: Don’t forget to dump the oil in your lines when changing oil. Forgetting to dump the lines can lead to an over full system and leave a good amount of the old still in there to do damage. Do yourself a huge favor and always dump your lines when changing oil)

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