Sometimes we get so buried in a project or focused on one small area we fail to recognize the bigger picture.

For example.

Let’s say we are laying a new walk way from our front porch to the mail box.

We start laying the bricks, making sure they are perfectly spaced and even as we go.

We get to the mail box, stand up, and look back at our finished project with a smile.

Our finished project is so crooked and wavy you would swear we were drunk.

We got so involved in laying every brick, we never stopped to look at our progress along the way or even to lay out some guide lines to follow.

I know this can happen because I’m guilty of it myself on more than one occasion. Just not always building a walk way.

Dirt Track Racing Path

This is what has been happening in dirt racing for a while now.

We’ve all just been following the leader down the same path.

Jonathan Davenport and the Rumley’s decided to show us this past year just how screwed up we actually are.

I heard a rumor that sanction bodies might be creating rules to stifle the creativity these guys used to clean house just about everywhere they went.

Shame on you!

Let creativity flow.

I stopped watching sprint car racing years ago because of shenanigans like this and I was never really ever a NASCAR fan because of all the stupid rules they continue to impose.

Auto racing was built by backyard mechanics coming up with creative solutions to problems and the dare devil drivers who piloted those creations to the absolute limit.

Old racing embraced the creative; not dumbing it down so everyone can play.

But, to be fair, I think in order for us to create a path towards the next generation of cars we need to know what the problems are with the current cars we are racing now.

So, I’m going to give you the list, as I see it, to hopefully light the fuse and cause an explosion of innovation into the next form of dirt car.

Here’s My List of Dirt Track Racing Problems

Now, like most do in racing, I could throw a tarp over my ideas and opinions and let the sport go down into the black hole abyss. Or, I can throw it out there and hopefully spur some creativity and imagination.

Like creating a collaborative project to see how much faster we can get these cars to go. Let the rules makers keep trying to dumb down the sport. We’ll just keep coming up with alternatives to beat the rules.

Just please let’s not play follow the leader anymore by just doing what everyone else does.

I’m going to break this up into several parts because I think it will get way too long for one reading.

Here is my list.

The Rumley Device

First of all I believe we need to cushion the left rear suspension when at full drop. I’m pretty sure this is what the Davenport / Rumley group were out to accomplish when they created their left rear device last year.

If this is not what they set out to do, they did it anyway from what I can see. Once you make the top rod angle straight through the birdcage at full drop you are in turn taking all of the spring and shock out of the car.

The tire is basically acting as the shock and spring and it will take the stretch, or traction, out of the tire. The shock and spring are meant to keep the tire stretched and traction up through the bumps.

Once the stretch comes out of the tire, it will have less traction.

Now, you can put a limiting chain on it to keep the top rod angle out. The problem with this is that by limiting the height of the left rear you will take aerodynamic down force out and bouncing on the chain can allow the tire to break loose also.

In the Rumley device, from what I can make out from the pictures, it seems they cushion the top rod and the chain with a second shock.

Even though we have been running two shocks on the left rear forever, I hear sanctioning bodies are considering outlawing the second shock.

I think our goal needs to be expanding on their basic idea or creating something even better; possibly only using one shock. Just incase this rule gets implemented.

I’m not saying this is all Davenport did to be so dominant.

I think this allowed them to better tune other parts of the car.

I think their shock program is spot on.

And, I think their motors are a little something special too.

In the next segment I’ll tell you what I think about the front ends of the cars; where we are now; where we need to head.

Til’ next time; be safe,