I thought I would post a quick article about my current thinking and what is going on in my realm of racing. We are still working hard trying to figure the in’s and outs of the new four bar car. One of the hardest things to do is to keep the car balanced, while still adjusting the car for changing track conditions. Since most dirt tracks will dry out and slow down as the night goes on most cars will need to add traction later in the night. As the track slows the lateral G’s the car is experiencing on turn entry will go down. As lateral G goes down the car will not transfer the same amount of weight left to right, but in many cases more weight will transfer from rear to front as most drivers will use more braking effort entering the turn. This change in weight transfer will upset the balance of the car. Figuring the system of changes that will re balance the car can take some time to figure out. There may be three or four things that needs to be changed to regain that balance. The most common changes being made can be panhard bar height, spring rates, wheel offset, and ballast placement. The truth is the system will be different for every team, every car , every driver, every track. We all know that in dirt stock car racing, getting things right is not too easy.

I have recently purchased some products from William C. Mitchell; actually I upgraded from an older version of his software WinGeo3. He is currently working on some new stuff I think will really help racers understand front roll centers and how basic weight transfer affects the car. I will probably do a review of his products in the future and get a little more in depth on what he has coming out. From what I’ve seen so far it is going to be outstanding!

On a sadder note, my digital angle finder hit the floor one afternoon. What was once called a ‘Smart Tool’ now has gotten dumb. This is one of the tools of mine I seem to constantly use. I had to purchase a new one because I can’t seem to live without it, but I have two broken ones sitting on the shelf that need repair. If anyone knows of a place to get them smartened up please drop me a line at Kevin@hogantechnologies.com.

Till next time,