The Dirt late model World 100 breakdown

Well the 2009 World 100, the crown jewel, dirt late model race is in the books. It was an unthrilling end to a long weekend. I don’t want to take anything away from Bart Hartman because he drove a great race and had a fast car. I would have thought with Brian Birkhofer running second and  a late race caution bunching the cars back together, a shoot out for the win was sure to happen. Then; nothing. Bart was too good in the rubber. Birkhofer tried cutting down and roll under him in turn two, but couldn’t make it stick. Hartman’s Rocket pulled hard off the corner and seemed to cruise to an easy victory.

For those fans who enjoy crashing, the heat races and consolation races treated them to some of the best, or worst if you look at it from my perspective. There was enough shredded sheet metal to make any recyclers salivate with jealousy. I don’t know if guys were too anxious or they just lost control with the deteriorating track conditions, but multi car pile ups took out many good cars that might have had a shot. Actually, I think, there were many cars that may have had a shot.

World 100 luck?

Unfortunately, I believe there is too much luck involved in not only making the race, but winning it. Being a dirt late model purist, I would hope that the pinnacle of dirt late model races would be decided by who has the best car and who is the best driver. When I start to believe luck is playing too big of a roll in the outcome of the race, it seems the race becomes tainted. Bart Hartman rolled to a commanding win, but could he have done the same from the sixth row or eighth row. I don’t think so. He was real good, but not that good.

Another thing to remark on about this race was the crowd. I don’t know the actual attendance numbers. The crowd felt bigger than it ever has been. The only thing that felt less crowded was the bottom pit area. They reorganized it to alleviate some of the traffic bottle neck. I think some of the less crowded pit area can be attributed to the declining car count. When I started coming to the World 100 in the mid nineties, typical car counts were in the two hundred and twenty range. This year the car count was in the one hundred and seventy range. The other thing was just the tracks organization. Eldora’s personnel have created an inspection area in turn four, which alleviated much of the congestion in the lower pit area. I remember in years past it was like Chicago during rush hour. You could barely walk down an isle without touching a car.

The World 100 is still the pinnacle!

Of all the bad things I remarked about, I do admit that this is Eldora and I will always be back. Remember a bad day at Eldora is still much better than a good day at any weekly track. Thanks for listening to my ranting. If anyone has any Eldora experiences they would like to share, please leave a comment in the comment area at the bottom of the post. I look forward to hearing from everyone.

Till next time stay focused and go fast.

Good luck.