shop pictures5-09 011Well, Last time I posted we were on our way to race at Paducah, Kentucky to a Lucas Oil Dirt Series race. A long disappointing night ended with a torn out wheel center, two laps from the end. What we were trying with the swing arm car wasn’t working out too well. The car seemed to pop up and run out of traction too quickly. I have always been an advocate of not running “up on the bars” too much because it seems to run out too quickly and brake traction. For people not familiar with the dirt late model type cars, “up on the bars” refers to the forward facing links creating a forward thrusting down force on the tires by basically letting the tires, usually the left rear, drive up under the car far enough to take the weight off the left rear spring. I don’t believe this effect is all bad, but there is a limit to the bar angle necessarily to give the most available traction on the left rear. I believe there is definitely a trade off between the benefit of running on the springs and running on the bars. What I really believed happened in Kentucky is that there was just too much wheel movement on the left rear which caused it to run out too quickly. This week we will be doing a little experimenting with the swing arm car by limiting the amount of wheel opening on the left rear. I will report on the results of our experimentation next week.