Author: Kevin

Eastwood Pro Brake Flaring Tool

Ok, You may think I’m nuts for this one, but I’m going to save you some headaches, late nights and fists full of your own hair from trying to find leaks from poorly flared brake lines. If you ever plan on building more than one car in your life. Or, you do repair work on cars, this is a must have tool. Once you use it, you will through your old flaring tools right in the garbage. I know, this thing isn’t exactly cheap. My hand shook as I took the credit card out of my wallet to get...

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Steel Flare Nut Wrenches

Please, get these when doing brake lines. Standard wrenches will strip brake line fittings. And, once they are stripped, they will never be right again. I always seem to have problems getting lines to seal when I don’t use these. You just can’t get the inverted flares tight enough to seal. Brake line leaks are a pain in the neck and getting the right tools to do the job right out of the gate will save you from some swearing and late nights looking for leaks. And, they really aren’t that expensive. Buy...

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Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

I was never a big fan of digital tire pressure gauges until this one came out. The always seemed to be inaccurate and over priced for what we were doing. But, this is what I use now every time I go to check tires. Lonacre claims accuracy to .3 percent. It features an automatic off, so when your in a rush and leave it on, it will shut off after a  certain amount of time to save the battery. It comes with an aluminum carrying case to protect it from getting damaged in the trailer. It comes with an...

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Joes Angle Aluminum Wrench Set

A line wrench set is a must have for any tool box. Tightening aluminum fittings with steel wrenches often leads to over tightening. Over tightening can lead to stretched and damaged fittings which can cause dirt to get past. We all know dirt in our oil and fuel lines is not a good thing. This is especially true in the larger sizes because as a rule of thumb, the larger the wrench size, the longer the wrench is to provide more leverage. The nice thing is with these wrenches as opposed to other wrench sets on the market is...

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Aerodynamic Tips for Dirt Late Model Racing

I had to do a double take the other day. You know, it’s when you hear something so incredible that you shake your head in disbelief. Then you wonder if you heard what you thought you heard. I heard a professional dirt late model driver was making fun of the contraption (Rumley device) that Jonathan Davenport used to smoke everyone near the end of last season. Wait … he smoked everyone for around three months and no one could figure it out. I can see getting beat one or two weeks, but for three months? Now, I don’t think...

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Racings Best Kept Secrets

Grab a copy of my original book. This covers much of the basic knowledge often over looked by people as our sport gets more complicated.

The Pros know and live the basics to keep them fast as our sport evolves.

Clicking on the image below will take you to Amazon where you can grab a copy.


The Complete Guide to Auto Racing as a Hobby

This is my second book and it is actually geared toward getting you up and running in the hobby of auto racing.

It’s not as much technical as the first.

It’s more of a brain dump of things I’ve learned in over thirty years in the sport.

These are the “I wish I knew then what I know now” type of things.