Author: Kevin

Setting Up Your Car Using Wheel Loads Part 2

Week by week we get ever closer to racing season here in the midwest. Some parts of the country are already racing. For us, we have at least one solid month before we see any track activity and, with the early season rainouts that take place, we might not see the track for a solid two months. Which in some ways is good because it seems we have at least four months of work to do before we go racing. But, as it always seems, if we had to go racing tomorrow, we could get everything done. Dirt Late...

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Understanding Wheel Loads to Set Up Your Dirt Late Model Dynamically

I’d like to take a little time to describe what is going on in dirt late model racing lately. Actually, I think it’s been going on for a couple of years now. I now I’ve been working with this for at least five years now, but it has not been popular with local racers. It seems if it’s not well known or it’s not being done widely on the national scene, local racers dismiss it as being ill relevant. And that is setting up your car in a dynamic state as opposed to a static state. Anyone who has...

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Some Dirt Late Model Shock Talk

I’ve been working on race cars for almost thirty years and was sitting in the stands since I was in diapers. This past season I didn’t go to many races after June. I  needed the time away to rejuvenate. I was still involved every week because it is my full time job, but weekends were for exploring things I never got to enjoy. As many know, if you’re involved in racing,  you will miss weddings, parties, festivals, and other cool goings on because of our devotion to the sport. If you dig in too hard, at some point in...

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Step-Drill Bits (AKA Unibits)

I love these. The one I’ve only owned two in my twenty plus years of working on this stuff. That’s why I choose Irwin brand. They seem to be a little better quality than all the rest. If you ever need to install switches or lights in panels, these babies are priceless. Easy to keep centered when starting and there is no need to change drill bits to get the hole size you need. They also work great for drilling holes for grommets when putting wiring through panels. I recommend getting the largest size. (over ¾”) for doing that....

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Lathe and Mill Center Drill Bits

These handy little gems can be priceless. I like them when drilling holes in aluminum body panels. They not only drill the holes, but de-bur it nicely without adding an additional step. They are cheap. I always have a couple sets floating around. Buy...

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Racings Best Kept Secrets

Grab a copy of my original book. This covers much of the basic knowledge often over looked by people as our sport gets more complicated.

The Pros know and live the basics to keep them fast as our sport evolves.

Clicking on the image below will take you to Amazon where you can grab a copy.


The Complete Guide to Auto Racing as a Hobby

This is my second book and it is actually geared toward getting you up and running in the hobby of auto racing.

It’s not as much technical as the first.

It’s more of a brain dump of things I’ve learned in over thirty years in the sport.

These are the “I wish I knew then what I know now” type of things.