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Dirt stock Car Racing; Latest Racing Ramblings

I thought I would post a quick article about my current thinking and what is going on in my realm of racing. We are still working hard trying to figure the in’s and outs of the new four bar car. One of the hardest things to do is to keep the car balanced, while still adjusting the car for changing track conditions. Since most dirt tracks will dry out and slow down as the night goes on most cars will need to add traction later in the night. As the track slows the lateral G’s the car is experiencing...

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Dirt Late Model Technology; Looking for the Perfect Race car

I would like to comment on some recent conversations I have had with several racers. It seems too many of them are in search of the perfect race car. The perfect race car, or the ideal set up, does not exist. Racing is like a game of chess, whereas the chess pieces on the board represent all the tools you have in your control to play the game. Different ways to manipulate car handling, driver talent or concentration, crew strategy, etc.; are all the pieces I am talking about. Each piece has it’s own limitations to movement just like...

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Dirt Late Model Racing; Long Weekend Recap

Well, Last time I posted we were on our way to race at Paducah, Kentucky to a Lucas Oil Dirt Series race. A long disappointing night ended with a torn out wheel center, two laps from the end. What we were trying with the swing arm car wasn’t working out too well. The car seemed to pop up and run out of traction too quickly. I have always been an advocate of not running “up on the bars” too much because it seems to run out too quickly and brake traction. For people not familiar with the dirt late...

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Going Dirt Late Model Racing

Well my first official post to a racing blog might as well be written as bounce down the road on the way to a race. Driving through a pouring rain makes racing tonight seem far from realistic, but we must press on. The race we’re heading to is in Kentucky, so the weather might be better the closer we get. We all worked for a couple of days putting some different ideas toward Dan Schlieper’s swing arm car. Although I have never seen this track, everyone else said the car should run pretty well there. I think there needs...

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Racings Best Kept Secrets

Grab a copy of my original book. This covers much of the basic knowledge often over looked by people as our sport gets more complicated.

The Pros know and live the basics to keep them fast as our sport evolves.

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The Complete Guide to Auto Racing as a Hobby

This is my second book and it is actually geared toward getting you up and running in the hobby of auto racing.

It’s not as much technical as the first.

It’s more of a brain dump of things I’ve learned in over thirty years in the sport.

These are the “I wish I knew then what I know now” type of things.