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My latest book is a brain dump of knowledge after being in the racing industry for close to thirty years. I wrote this book so beginners will not need to make the same mistakes I did through the year. If you’d like to see more about it on my site, you can follow the link below to more information.


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Dirt Late Model and Modified Safety Concerns

I read an article last night on Dirt on Dirt about the direction dirt late models are going with the newest safety agenda trying to be rolled out nationwide. There seems to be a little push back in smaller regional series as far as implementation being pushed through...
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Dirt Racing Rants, Tai Chi, and Ackermann

Well, another interesting week in the world of dirt racing. This nation dirt racing committee, or what-ever they are calling themselves, has passed down more legislation clamping down further on innovation. But, let the real issues just get swept under the rug. Soon...
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Dirt Racing Rules and Race Track Rants

This week has been an interesting week in our local racing scene. It seems our local club picked up on my article about the tungsten axle tubes and amended its rule to outlaw all tungsten parts on the car. It’s a good thing. We really don’t need to delve into the...
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Left Rear Axle Weight for Dirt Racing Take 2

In my last article I talked a lot about the left rear axel weight  which is the hot thing now in dirt racing. I had a bunch of questions about the difference between that and just bolting lead on the chassis. So, I think I should talk a little bit more about that and...
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Left Rear Axle Weight in Dirt Late Models and Modifieds

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything about racing. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been hard at work on a new book which just got published yesterday. I’ll tell you more about it in a little bit. But, right now, I’d like to take a little time...
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Setting Up Your Car Using Wheel Loads Part 2

Week by week we get ever closer to racing season here in the midwest. Some parts of the country are already racing. For us, we have at least one solid month before we see any track activity and, with the early season rainouts that take place, we might not see the...
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Understanding Wheel Loads to Set Up Your Dirt Late Model Dynamically

I’d like to take a little time to describe what is going on in dirt late model racing lately. Actually, I think it’s been going on for a couple of years now. I now I’ve been working with this for at least five years now, but it has not been popular with local racers....
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Some Dirt Late Model Shock Talk

I’ve been working on race cars for almost thirty years and was sitting in the stands since I was in diapers. This past season I didn’t go to many races after June. I  needed the time away to rejuvenate. I was still involved every week because it is my full time job,...
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Aerodynamic Tips for Dirt Late Model Racing

I had to do a double take the other day. You know, it’s when you hear something so incredible that you shake your head in disbelief. Then you wonder if you heard what you thought you heard. I heard a professional dirt late model driver was making fun of the...
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Dirt Track Suspension Binds

In a previous email I talked a little about how I was following the presidential campaign. Some it ends up being rather comical. A real comedy club stage show. I’m actually waiting for someone to get hit with a pie in the face. But, on a serious note, I have my...
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Tire Traction and Shock Specialization

I don’t know if you’ve been following the presidential campaign stuff lately. It’s actually quite entertaining. With all the bashing going on and people calling other people liars, it’s hard to know what the truth is and what isn’t. It’s like what is going on in late...
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Dirt Track Racing is Art

Dirt track racing is art. Now I'm not saying to cut off your ear while squaring your rear end as part of your expression of creativity. Or, am I suggesting you slip on some ballet shoes and dance around the shop in a tutu. What I am saying is that racing like art can...
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Front End Problems and Keeping the Right Rear Planted

Last time we talked about the left rear and what the Davenport / Rumley group were doing. Before we move on I think I would like to clarify the direction I’m personally headed in. I’m working toward a one shock deal and something that will not only cushion the rod...
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Fixing Dirt Track Racing

Sometimes we get so buried in a project or focused on one small area we fail to recognize the bigger picture. For example. Let’s say we are laying a new walk way from our front porch to the mail box. We start laying the bricks, making sure they are perfectly spaced...
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Roll Centers and Camber Change

Remember when we were paying between $3 and $4 a gallon for gasoline. People supposedly in the know told us the days of paying less than $2 a gallon where over. Many claimed gas shortages were because the supply was growing short and demand was ever increasing. People...
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Widening the Front End of Your Late Model

Let's talk about a trend that seems to be getting pretty popular. Everywhere I turn I see guy’s widening out the front of their car. Most put a longer right front lower control arm on to increase the camber gain. Some are increasing the whole width of the front end by...
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Strange Oval Cambered Rear Ends and Flexing

Here is something to get your mind chewing on as we head towards the winter rebuild months. I’ve heard of people working with cambered and toed rear ends for years, but my recent association with Strange Engineering rekindled my thought process on this. They do pay me...
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Strange Oval Axles

It’s been a while since I last posted, but I haven’t really had anything to say. Well, recently we ran into a product that I really need to talk about. Actually, I will tell you the entire story behind this article. I contacted Strange Oval because I was so impressed...
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Is your scoop helping you in an Aerodynamic way?

People may not think a lot about their hood scoop when it comes to aerodynamics but it really can be a plus in an area that might blow right by you. If you look at the attached pictures of the famous Batmobile most think that it is THE car that set the Dirt Modified...
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Shock Brands and Squaring Up a Dirt Car

I got an email from a reader the other day asking a bunch of questions. The first was about brands of shocks and whether there was a difference or whether the are basically the same with just some creative marketing behind them. The cars I work on primarily run...
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